Vetterli Disassembly Instructions

Step 1.  Make certain the rifle is unloaded, then remove the screw from the left side of the receiver.

Step 2. Remove the cartridge elevator assembly from the bottom of receiver. The assembly is composed of two components.  Note: Model 1869s assembly has the trigger-guard attached.

Step 3. Use a flat head screwdriver to push the receiver lug to the left.  Note: the lug it's not supposed to come out of the receiver, so don't try to force it.

Step 4.  Remove the bolt.

Step 5. To disassemble the bolt, unscrew the knurled knob at the end of the bolt.

Step 6. Remove the bolt cover and spring.  The striker rod and bolt handle can be removed by pulling them towards the rear of the bolt.  The firing pin can be removed by pushing it sideways out of the slot in the front of the bolt.

The disassembled bolt

To re-assemble, reverse the above steps.

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